Camping Recipes | Braai pudding – Death By Chocolate Marshmallow Cones

I’ve been eyeing the braai cones pictures on social media for a while now and we finally got round to making our own for our recent camping weekend at Dinokeng Resort. The beauty of this type of recipe is that you can customize it according to your own taste; you can make sweeter if you like, or add in fruits and nuts to tame the sweetness.

One look at my ingredients list will tell you that we made no effort to tame the sweetness – we went for the Death By Chocolate version of the braai cone recipe. I’ve made a quick how-to guide of how I went about preparing and serving the cones but as I said earlier, you can add any other ingredient of your choice:


Four Large Sugar cones

One Packet of Whispers chocolates

One Packet of Rolo chocolates

One packet of small marshmallows (got ours from Woolworths)

Two packets of Oreo cookies (4-packs)

Any sauce of your liking (we used a sticky toffee sauce)


  • Crush the Oreo cookies till it’s a very fine crumb like texture
  • Line the inside of the sugar cone with the sauce of your choice, not too much though else your cone will go soggy
  • Layer the marshmallows, cookie crumbs and chocolate pieces inside the cone, starting with a layer of marshmallows and ending it off with a marshmallow layer.
  • Wrap the cone in a single sheet of foil paper. To minimise the chewy marshmallows from sticking to the foil paper when melted, crinkle the foil paper before you wrap the cone in it.
  • The cones should not be exposed directly to the flames as the cones will be scorched so it’s best to put it on a grid above the simmering coals after you’ve finished your main braai. Leave the cones on the grid for two to three minutes max, and keep rotating them if they’re flat on their sides.
  • Remove from the heat and enjoy immediately thereafter.


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