#BotsNam2018 – Day 15 & 16 | Our Last Days in Namibia – Camping at Camp Kwando

Happy Campers BotsNam 2018 – Travel log Day 15 & 16
Place Camp Kwando, Kongola
Type of lodging Camping
Ablutions Yes
Water at site Yes
Powered No
Wi-Fi No
Diesel top-up R600-00 / 45,54lt
Kilometers travelled Day 15: 240km

Day 16: 290km

Our next camp site would be the last one before we head back to Botswana, and we booked a one night stay at Camp Kwando near Kongola. The road there where tarred all the way and we found the camp very easily. The first impressions were really good, as their reception and restaurant area is really beautiful. It’s got that typical African vibe to it and the restaurant looks out on the Kwando River. The camp site is a bit off from the main building, but close enough that you can walk there for sun downers on their deck.

I have to admit, we were not overly impressed with the campsite area. There were a few open drains throughout the site and it gave off a terrible smell. We tried to setup our camp as far away as possible but the smell still managed to reach us. There were no electricity at the camp site but we had a water point as well as a toilet and basin close to us. The ablutions were also sub-par to what we’ve seen on our trip so far; warm water was supplied via a solar system only and due to several cloudy days, we had no warm water for showers. A fire donkey would have made for a nice backup but sadly, none available. We were quite happy to spend the one night there but I would definitely not recommend more than that. The river edge is really beautiful and the whole camp site has got lovely big trees so shade for your camp is no problem.

The next morning we got on the road fairly early as we wanted to do the border crossing at the Ngoma border post as early as possible. As usual, crossing at both border control points went quickly and smoothly and we arrived in Kasane by mid-morning. We did some shopping at the new Shoprite center in town and then we headed out to our next stopover at Senyati Safari Camp.


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