Camp Resort Review | Dinokeng Resort

The wait is finally over Happy Campers! It’s officially Spring in South Africa and we celebrated Spring Day by going camping at Dinokeng Resort. It was also our 18th wedding anniversary recently so we also celebrated this milestone by spending time together in the great outdoors. We were really looking forward to visiting Dinokeng Resort as we’ve only been seeing positive reviews and comments from other camping families, so we made our bookings early and then it was the countdown till it was time to go camping…


Dinokeng Resort is situated in the heart of the Dinokeng Game Reserve just outside of Pretoria. We’ve been to this area before as we stayed at Willem’s Rus in 2015 and we really enjoyed the atmosphere in the region so we definitely wanted to visit again and this past weekend we made good on our promise to come back to Dinokeng. Dinokeng Resort is a smallish resort with various accommodation options available, from camping to lodge living. They’ve got two types of camp sites available and we opted for the camp sites that boasted private ablutions. We stayed at camp site C1 and we were quite happy with it, as we were off to the side of the camping area and we really enjoyed the privacy that came with this stand.

The ablutions consists out of four bathrooms, each with a very spacious shower, washbasin and toilet, signposted with your camp site number. The only down side was that they don’t have dish washing facilities at these private ablutions yet but one of the managers Carla, told us that it’s on their list of to-do things so I’m sure it will be put in shortly. This meant that we had to walk a small distance to the kitchen to get our dishes cleaned but it really wasn’t that much of the bother. The facilities were kept spotless and clean, which were great.

Dinokeng Resort has much to offer if you’ve got kids in your camping party. They boast no less than four outdoors swimming pools and a heated indoors pool, as well as a jungle gym and trampolines. They also have games room where the kids can play table tennis and pool. There are a few short trails on the resort that you can either enjoy by hiking, or by riding it with your mountain bikes. They’re situated right next to the Boekenhoutspruit River so you can try your hand at some fly or bass fishing. Also situated on the resort is a small curio shop where you can buy gifts for family and friends. You can also get wood and ice from them as well as a few other items but rather come prepared as the store isn’t stocked very well at the moment. They’ve also got a restaurant where you can enjoy meals if you don’t feel like making your own food.

The rest of the caravan park gets serviced by a beautiful ablution block, with a laundry and kitchen facilities, as well as an porta-potty cleaning area.

The one thing that we particularly enjoyed was the abundant birdlife on the resort itself. There was never a quiet moment as there were always a bird or two singing in the trees, and if you were lucky enough, the resident nyala and impala herds paid your camp site a visit looking for a treat or two. At night we could hear the jackals calling from outside the resort, which just enforced the sense of being out in the bushveld even more. Carla their manager also let us in on the secret of the resident bush babies and where to wait for them to emerge from their daytime den. So special!

We can definitely recommend Dinokeng Resort if you are looking at getting away from the hustle of Joburg or Pretoria city life, and we are excited to see this resort grow into their full potential. Thank you for a wonderful weekend, we truly had a great time at Dinokeng Resort.

More details and booking info can be found here

Some pictures from our game drive in the Dinokeng Game Reserve

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