#BotsNam2018 Day 03 & 04 | Seeing The Desert and The Welwitschias In Swakopmund

We got up early on the morning of day 3 as we had a full day of traveling planned. We made sandwiches to eat for a breakfast on the go and we left Windhoek before dawn. I was amazed to see how big Windhoek actually is, it stretches for several kilometres in all directions and we head out on the B1 towards Okahandja. Today’s traveling was going to be all on tar road and took us past various small towns (Okahandja, Wilhelmstal, Karibib and Usakos to name a few). The road was rather uneventful with little to none wildlife to be seen.

Happy Campers BotsNam 2018 – Travel log Day 03 & 04
Place Alte Brücke Resort
Type of lodging Camping (resort also offers chalets)
Ablution Yes, private
Water at site Yes
Powered Yes
Wi-Fi Yes, strong throughout the camp site
Diesel 124.76lt / R1607-00
Kilometres travelled 650 km

When we got to Swakopmund we drove straight to the Alte Brücke Resort. The resort is situated 200mt from the beach and it’s within walking distance of all the tourist attractions on the promenade as well as town. The camp sites are beautiful and spacious and very well equipped. Each camp site has its own ablution with power and water right there. After we’ve finished setup our camp site we left to go find the NWR offices in town to buy our access permits to visit the Moon landscape. Then it was off to go find Dune 7 and Walvis Bay.

The kids had a ball climbing out the huge Dune 7 and we spent most of the afternoon there. We took a drive through Walvis Bay but it was already a bit late in the day so didn’t get round to see any of the tourist attractions in town but we’ll definitely be back to see more of Walvis Bay. The road between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay is beautiful but busy, and every second vehicle passing you was a 4×4. There are several operators stationed next to this road, which offers quad bike tours into the dunes and even camel rides so you won’t battle to find something to entertain you and your kids. That night we had a braai for dinner and went to bed early, listening to the crashing waves.

I had pre booked a desert tour with the guys from Living Desert Adventures and we made arrangements that they would fetch us from the resort first thing in the morning. When we got to the gate there were already a few other guests also waiting for pick up. We were allocated a certain vehicle according to the language we speak, there were a van that was filled with German speaking tourists and then another with a mixture of European languages. Our van consisted mainly out of English speaking tourists.

This outing is one of the highlights of our #BotsNam2018 holiday – the guides were extremely knowledgeable and passionate and we learned so much about the desert eco system and how the animals, insects and plants fit into it. Sadly we did not see any snakes but we saw a variety of insects and lizards incl geckos and chameleons. It’s definitely worth your while to book one of these tours and I can highly recommend it.

After we got back to camp it was time for us to go find the moon landscape and the welwitschias that the area is known for. This is another must-see if you ever visit Swakopmund. It’s a 140km round trip and you should plan either a full morning or afternoon to take in the sights properly. It’s absolutely amazing to see the rock formations and there are several viewpoints where you can take in the sheer magnificence of this region. The welwitschias is just as magnificent and they’re easy to find if you follow the route map.

We went for a short walk on the beach promenade after we got back from the moon landscape and by the end of the night we were in love with Swakopmund. My daughter actually proclaimed that she wants to come live in Swakopmund when she’s completed her studies so that’s something to look forward to right? We ended off our stay in Swakopmund with another braai with some yummy salads.

2 thoughts on “#BotsNam2018 Day 03 & 04 | Seeing The Desert and The Welwitschias In Swakopmund

  1. Dear Linda

    I thought you had forgotten to update for trip report, thanks for that.
    I did the Living Desert trip , one of highlights of Swakopmund’s 2010 trip .

    I can’t wait for your the rest of your trip report!

    Liked by 1 person

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