Camping Recipes | Breakfast Wraps

I love reading up on new recipes and ideas to try when we go camping and as I’ve mentioned before, trying something new for breakfast is one of our favorite camping traditions. Now I know that breakfast wraps nothing new and that the Wimpy made them totally cool again but I’ve never made them myself so during our recent camping weekend at Casa Cara we decided that we would give wrap making a go. It’s really so easy to prepare and the possibilities are literally endless as wraps can be served anytime of the day. This is how we went about making our Camping Breakfast Wraps…


4 servings

Pack of four store bought wraps (you can obviously buy more if you’re a bigger family)

Eggs (1 egg per wrap)

Bacon pieces

Cheese (grated cheddar)

Optional ingredients:

                Mozarella / feta / haloumi cheese



                Fried onion rings


                Ketchup or tomato sauce


                Sweet chilli sauce


  1. The wraps can be kept refrigerated until you are ready to start with breakfast. Take them out of the fridge an hour before you start with the prep work so that it can heat up to room temperature. This way it will bend and fold easier when you’re folding your wrap.
  2. The wrap is best served with scrambled eggs and you can also fry up the bacon pieces in the meantime.
  3. As soon as the fillings are ready, you can start layering the wrap. It works best if you put the filling in the top centre section of the wrap, as you’ll be able to fold the wrap nicely once you’re done with the fillings.
  4. Start folding your wrap as demonstrated in the pictures below.
  5. Once the wrap has been folded you can briefly toast it on both sides either in a frying pan or on the braai grid, if you’ve got a fire going.
  6. The wrap is ready when the outer edges turns a light brown color.


Remember you can change up this recipe with many other fillings, there’s no limit to the type of fillings you can use. I hope you enjoy your breakfast wrap just as much as we enjoyed ours!



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