#BotsNam2018 Route Map and Planning

We try to go camping at least once every second month or so, as we need to escape from the pressures of real life, and once a year, we plan a big overlanding trip to one of South Africa’s neighbouring countries. This year is no different and we’ll be leaving on our next holiday within the next couple of months. This year we’ll be visiting the northern areas of Namibia, the Caprivi and then back to South Africa via Botswana. It’s going to be epic, that’s for sure so I thought you might be interested in seeing our proposed route that we’ll be following….

Day 1 and 2 (travel distance: 1410 km)

Accommodation: Chalet

These two days will consist of a lot of driving. We like to get the big distance done within the first couple of days, before drivers fatigue sets in so we’ll head out of Gauteng towards Kang in Botswana on day 1 and stay over in Windhoek on day 2. We’ve chosen to stay at Kalahari Rest Lodge in Kang as we’ve stayed here before and their dinner was amazing. We’ll check into TransKalahari Inn when we get to Windhoek, and we’re quite excited to see this part of Namibia.

We also like to book chalets during the shorter stays so that we don’t have to bother with cooking and setting up camp after a long day’s traveling.

Day 3 and 4 (travel distance: 450km)

Accommodation: Camping at a powered site with own ablutions

We will arrive in Swakopmund on day 3 of our holiday. We’ll be staying at Alte Brücke Holiday Resort on the coast and we’ll do few day trips from here. I’ve booked an exciting desert tour via Living Desert Adventures to go on a tour of the desert and to see the wildlife of the Namib. We’ll also go out to the Moon Landscape to go see the welwitschias. Other than these two outings we’ll try and see as much of Swakopmund as possible.

Day 5 and 6 (travel distance: 450km)

Accommodation: Camping with no electricity and shared ablutions

After we leave Swakopmund we’ll head north towards the Etosha National Park and we’ll be traveling via Brandberg and Kamanjab. We’ve booked overnight stays at the Brandberg White Lady Lodge (where we hope to see desert elephants) and at Oppi-Koppi in Kamanjab. I’m sure that both places deserve more than just a one night stayover but I’m open to the idea of revisiting this area one day, when we try and conquer Van Zyls pass.

Day 7 – 11 (travel distance: 450km)

Accommodation: Camping at a powered site with shared ablutions at all camps

On day 7 we’ll arrive at Etosha National Park where we will spend a few days at Olifants Rest, Okaukuejo and Namutoni rest camps. This will be one of the highlights of this trip as we’ve never been to Etosha before and it’s a true bucket list tick for us, this one.

Day 12 (travel distance: 230km)

Accommodation: Camping with no electricity and shared ablutions

We will stay over one day at Roy’s Rest Camp and we’ll use today to stock up on fresh food and meat; we’re planning on finishing off the uncooked meat before we leave Etosha, as you are not allowed to take uncooked meat out the national park, due to the veterinary lines.

Day 13 and 14 (travel distance: 450km)

Accommodation: Camping at a powered site with own ablutions

We’ll be staying at Shametu River Lodge when we reach the Caprivi and from here we’ll go exploring in the Mahango National Park or the Bwabwata National Park. Looking forward to seeing loads of ellies and hippos when we reach this part of Namibia

Day 15 (travel distance: 250km)

Accommodation: Camping with no electricity and shared ablutions

A short stay at Camp Kwando is in the cards for us on day 15. We’ll be on route to Botswana by now and we’ll cross the border via the Kazungula border post.

Day 16 – 18 (travel distance: 300km)

Accommodation: Camping at a powered site with own ablutions

We’ll be returning to Senyati Safari Camp when we get to Kasane in Botswana. We’ve also stayed here before and this time round I want to try and take full advantage of their gorgeous water hole. We’re also planning on doing a day trip to the Victoria Falls from here and maybe visit the Chobe National Park again.

Day 19 and 20 (travel distance: 300km)

Accommodation: Camping with no electricity and shared ablutions

Our last stop before we leave Botswana will be at Elephant Sands just outside of Nata. Here we will be hoping to see the famous elephants that frequent their waterhole, and maybe venture out to the pans again.

Day 21 and 22 (travel distance: 955km)

Accommodation: Chalet

We’ll be heading home on these two days with a stopover at Baobab Farm Cottages just as you enter South Africa from the Groblersbrug border post. On the morning of day 22 we’ll be on our way back to Gauteng, and most probably reminiscing about our awesome holiday.

The kilometers indicated is only an estimation at this point, taken from Google Maps. I usually keep track of the actual kilometers traveled so that I can update my trip planners accordingly. I also keep the trip planners from our previous overlanding holidays on file, to use as reference for any future trip planning.

Disclaimer: All the pictures in this post has been taken from the various camp resorts web pages, with the exception of the pictures from Senyati Safari Camp (which is my own) as well as my route map

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