Camping DIY | A Washing Line for our Xcape

No camp site is complete without a space to hang your towels, right? I know lots of people use a piece of rope and tie it to a tree or nearby branch but I like to have a proper washing line for all our wet stuff. My husband made us an awesome foldaway washing line for our off-road trailer and I wanted something similar for the Xcape. So we went hunting for some cool ideas and inspiration and voila! He came up with a simple and effective design…

We made the washing line out of aluminium tubing as it is not too expensive, it’s lightweight and you don’t have to paint it afterwards. We used polyester string for the cross lines and 1.5mm wire rope for the supports. We also bought eyebolts, wingnuts, two small carabiners, and lastly some washers and nuts to fit on the bolts. The total cost for the project was R560-00 which I think is very reasonable seeing as you would pay more for something bought from the shelf. I’m very happy with our little DIY project as I think it’s going to make camping so much more convenient. It took us approximately 2 hours to build the complete washing line.

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