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You know the drill, when you first start going camping, you tend to only go with the basics. One of the things that’s always bothered me is where to hang your wet towels and swimwear. My slight case of OCD won’t allow me to let the towels hang over tree branches and tent ropes so I started scouting around for a decent clothing rail. I had specific requirements as we like to do over landing and we don’t stay in caravans which means we’re hard pressed for space.

Mellerware clothes line

I found a neat little clothing line on Takelot which would fold up flat and won’t take up a lot of space and I got it just in time for our December 2015 trip to Moremi and Chobe in Northern Botswana. We encountered a massive thunderstorm on our first afternoon in Moremi, and I was so chuffed with my new clothing line and that I could finally use it to hang the wet towels and clothes. Boy, was I in for a rude awaking! We went for a sundowner game drive and when we got back to camp, the infamous Third Bridge baboons got into our tent. Luckily we didn’t have any major damage as we’ve learnt our lesson by now but they totally destroyed my clothing line. They must have sat on it and it was damaged so badly that even my King of DIY husband just shook his head and said sorry, but he’s got nothing, can’t fix it.

RIP little clothes line, at least you went out with a view
RIP little clothes line, at least you went out with a view


So I started designing a clothes line that could fold up small enough not to be in the way whilst packing but still be able to hold at least four towels at a time. I needed it to be out of the way when we’re all set-up at the camp site and I need to be able to put it away when we’re not using it. We came up with the idea of making it modular and we could also take it apart to stow it away, Husbando bought our materials from our local camping store and we custom made it according to the height and dimensions of our bush trailer.

This is the materials that we got together to start building the clothing line

DIY washing line (1)

Pictures of what it looks like when it’s attached to the bush trailer

Tucks away neat and tidy

I’m so happy with this clothes line, it ticks off all my requirements and then some. Let me know in the comments if you would like more details (pole lengths and diameter etc) and I can give it to you

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