Camp Resort Review | RiverRun Resort

We’ve been itching to go camping at RiverRun Resort but we kept on delaying due to the caravanners in the group being a bit wary of the length of gravel road you have to travel on to get to the resort. We finally had a weekend open after the school exams have finished and we were fortunate enough to get an open camp site on very short notice. We were very pleasantly surprised with the resort and its facilities…

Let me start off by saying that the gravel road was really not as bad as we expected it to be. Granted, we tow an off-road trailer but we’ve seen a lot worse in our camping travels and judging by the number of caravans that we found at the resort, I would say you can safely tow your caravan to the resort.

The camp sites were lovely with lawns and shared water taps and we stayed on camp site no A17. Some of the camp sites are on the river bank and some are located more towards the swimming pool area. My only issue I had with the campsites were the fact that there is hardly any shade on it. Your camp site has a paved block where you can setup camp which was very neatly done. Overall, the stands were lovely and well positioned.


RiverRun also offers camp sites that’s more suited for the fisherman’s family, which we will try out next time we go there. I also saw bush camp sites quite some distance away from the caravan park but I’m actually not sure if they’re available for bookings. Also, there were hardly any cell phone reception, which was a small blessing on its own.

The facilities were outstanding. They’ve got a huge cold water swimming pool as well as a smaller kiddie’s pool with a putt-putt course, table tennis table and pool table available for your use. You only have to pay a small fee to use the pool table, the rest are free. All of this are situated amongst lush green lawns and with various picnic tables and chairs available for use. These picnic areas are shaded. They also offer tube rides on the river which my family enjoyed tremendously, they even saw a Water Monitor while they were out on the water, so it comes highly recommended. They do have some game on the resort which you can see when you go for walks or you can book a game drive, unfortunately no self-drive allowed. And go make a turn at their crocodile pen, the reptiles are huge!

The ablutions are magnificent and clean, and we had no issues with warm water during our stay. Again, I’ve only got one issue to raise and it’s that they’ve put in shower curtains in the showers. This is my personal pet peeve and I’m sure some other people won’t mind this too much, so this is not a huge problem. They’ve got a well-stocked store on the premises where you can buy everything from suntan lotion to motion sickness tablets. And the bonus is that they are not too expensive either.


Overall, we were very happy with our camping weekend at RiverRun Resort and we can happily recommend it to our fellow campers. Definitely a camping resort that we would like to visit again sometime soon.

More info and details can be found here

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