Camping Hacks | Small Things Can Make Your Life So Much Easier

Ask any seasoned camper and they’ll tell you that no two camp resorts are the same. In fact, camp sites even differ from one another in the same resort so it makes sense to be prepared for any camp conditions at all times. Two small things that can make or break your camping experience is the type and size of water tap in the resort, as well as the type of tap holes in the ablution blocks and clean up area. Nothing worse that getting ready to take a warm bath after a long day setting up your camp site, only to find that there are no bath plugs supplied in the bathrooms. I’ve come up with two simple and easy solutions to these camping niggles….

Quite a few camp sites offer a water tap at your camp site and if you’ve got an overlanding rig or trailer like we’ve got, chances are that you’ll have a built-in water tank to tap your water from. It’s quite easy to fill up your water tank with a hose pipe but it gets tricky when you encounter all sorts of different taps and sizes. We’ve got a simple set-up whereby we’ve bought a few adapters that you can use on the different sizes of taps you might find in your camp site. Sizing ranges from 16mm – 26,5mm and we’ve also added a sprayer for when you need to clean your vehicle or your rig. At some of the camp sites you have to share a water tap with your neighbour so we’ve also added a a two-way splitter to our set. These fittings stay in the Xcape so that we don’t forget them at home when we go camping.

The other camping hack that we use is a set of different size bath and basin plugs which we tied together with a carabiner. I keep this set with my bathroom bag so that it’s close by if I need it during bath time. More often than not, you won’t even find a bath plug in the ablutions as some of the campers tend to take the plugs with them after they’ve used it, so you end up having to supply your own bath plugs in any case.

These are two small and simple ideas but they’ve made our lives so  much easier. Let us know in the comments if there’s any hacks that you think we should know off and start using.




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