The Happy Campers Leveled Up To An Xcape!!

The Happy Campers leveled up recently! Yes, we sold our trusted Venter bush trailer and we invested in a Jurgens Xcape! It’s still kind of surreal to think that we’ll be camping in a bush caravan from now on but we are very excited nonetheless!

It’s a pre-loved model as we’re not keen on investing a ton of money on something that will be towed through the bush, but it’s in an immaculate condition and you can see that the previous owner never took this baby off-road. We’ll also be taking her through her paces during the long weekend as we’ve booked camping sites at Bass Lake Lodge for the  long weekend! We’re so impressed with the storage capabilities in this van, we’ll never need to pack anything into a ammo box again! And I’m quite pleased with the built-in kitchenette on the outside of the caravan, there’s nothing worse than having your kitchen on the inside of the van, and this fits our style of camping perfectly. At the back of the caravan you have a shower where you put up your shower cubicle and there is also a small cabinet which is perfect to store toiletries etc. Standard with the Xcape is a geyser (both 220v and gas fired) as well as a battery system. Ours came with a second battery and we now need to fit a regulator for solar panel use.

Some of the tweaks that I would like to make is to change up the dish washing stand to something that’s a bit higher and sturdier than the one that’s currently mounted on the Xcape. The smaller one I want to move to the back of the caravan, where you’ll typically pitch your shower tent, so that we can use it as a wash basin when in the bush. We’ll also need to design and build a clothes line and we’ll have to decide if we want to mount it permanently or whether we want to be able to remove and stow it away. We’ve already completed small mods such as a reading light next to the bed, and a smallish LED light above the National Luna fridge. We also installed a set of 220v plugs on the outside of the caravan and I got holders inside the outside kitchen to store my glasses neatly.

Needless to say, we are very pleased with our purchase. I’ve always said that the only caravan I would consider buying would have to be an off-road caravan, and I think we found the one that’s going to make us happy…

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