#Namibia2017 – Day 11 & 12 | Visiting The Fish River Canyon

We were amped to finally see the famous Fish River Canyon but it was a long stretch to get there. We travelled via the tarred B4 and took a right turn off at the C12. This road took us past Seeheim but we didn’t stop there. One thing that we learned on this road trip, is not to take for granted that just because the sign boards say there is a town up ahead, that you will find an actual town when you get there. Namibians use the word “town” very loosely as you might find that there’s only ruins left of used to be a little dorpie in the middle of nowhere.

Happy Campers Namibia 2017 – Travel log Day 11 & 12
Place Canyon Roadhouse, Karas, Namibia
Type of lodging Camping (unfenced)
Ablutions Yes
Powered Yes
Water at site Yes
Kilometers travelled 332 km
Diesel top-up 52.67lt – R600-00 (cash only)

We were still travelling mostly on gravel roads with the odd donkey cart coming past you every now and then and we also spotted a lone gemsbok or two along the way. The trip to Canyon Roadhouse was rather uneventful and we reached the lodge by 13:00 in the afternoon. We were blown away when we saw the vintage cars and signboards that they used for decor, it was so tastefully done that it looked like it belong there.

I love anything to do with vintage and I couldn’t wait to see what the interior looked like. We weren’t disappointed at all, as the bar was decorated with number plates from all over the world and the Savannah Light was served ice cold. The receptionist told us that we were lucky as we were allocated camp site 4 for our stay, and she called it the best camp site at the lodge. She wasn’t exaggerating when she said this, our camp site might have been one of the best, if not THE best of our trip so far.

Our camp site was right behind the swimming pool area and we had two huge trees where we could set-up camp. The sites all have water and power points right there and our closest neighbor was approximately 100 meters away from us. Unfortunately they were a bit loud during the night as for some reason they kept on opening the doors to their canopy over and over again. Luckily for us they left very early the following morning, and our new neighbors were super discreet and quiet. The ablutions blocks was just on the other side of the pathways and there quite a few dotted along the road. If I had to guess, I would say that each ablution block were shared by three, maybe four camp sites, which made it feel very exclusive. The facilities were magnificent and on par with the best we’ve seen at any of the camp sites that we’ve been to in the past, maybe even better. We knew that we were going to enjoy staying here, and already a twinge of regret of not staying here a bit longer reared its ugly head. But at least now we know for next time, right?

The following morning we were off to visit the Fish River Canyon. Just some quick trivia about the canyon – it’s the biggest canyon in Africa and it’s approximately 160 kilometers long, up to 27 kilometers wide and in some places up to 550 meters deep. Pictures can’t do the sheer magnificence of the canyon justice, it’s honestly one of those things that you need to see in real life. I tried to take as many pictures as I could, so that we would remember what it was like seeing it for the first time. The canyon is also home to the famous Fish River Canyon Hiking trail, a grueling trek 90 kilometer long trek which you complete in 5 days. My body ached just thinking of it but I’m sure the fitter campers will be fine doing it. They are very strict with the time of the year when you can do the hike, and you also need to submit a medical certificate declaring you fit and healthy, before you can get started. Bookings info can be found here.

We had dinner at the Roadhouse restaurant on our last evening at the lodge and we couldn’t have asked for a better way to end off the awesome two days we spent at the Canyon Roadhouse. It’s one of the best camp sites we stayed at during our trip and I will recommend it to anyone visiting the canyon regions. This would also be our last night in Namibia before we head back to South Africa and our next camping spot at the Augrabies National Park. I won’t lie, the mood was definitely sombered by the thought of leaving this beautiful country, but we’ve already promised ourselves, we’ll be back, that’s for sure.

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