Camp Resort Review | Krokodilberg 4×4

The Happy Campers continued their mission of exploring our beautiful country and camping resorts – in February 2016 we visited Krokodilberg 4×4, a new camp resort just outside Brits. The facilities are still raw but it’s very peaceful with a gorgeous hiking and 4×4 trail.

The resort offers camping sites for both caravans and tents or off road trailers as well as a guesthouse for the not-so-adventurous. They also have a small shop on-site from where you can buy ice and wood as well as a few pieces of fishing equipment. The swimming pool is not heated but it’s a decent size and our kids had an awesome time swimming in the summer heat wave that we experienced during the time we visited them.

The ablutions is very basic with only one bathroom for the ladies and another for the gents. We were the only guests during our stay so we split the bathrooms per family but it would get tricky to manoeuvre when there are more people camping there at the same time. The owner Jannie Meintjies told us a bit more about his plans for the resort, which includes extending the ablution facilities and I think it would be great once he gets round to fulfilling his dreams.

This would also be a good place to consider if you were planning a wedding as they have a fairly large hall and wedding venue that you can hire from them. All the details are on their website which can be found here.

The other two activities they offer at Krokodilberg 4×4 is a very well thought out 4×4 trail which takes you into the mountain as well as catch and release fishing. We had a ball with the fishing as all the kids got in on the action.

If you enjoy a quiet camping resort then this is the one for you. They don’t have a lot of entertainment for the kids which means that it will most probably not get frequented by the family type campers but if you like peace and quiet and a bit of nature when you’re camping, then you should enjoy it here. The only niggle was that the camp sites was just off the main road travelling from Brits so every now and then the noise from the road would waft into the campsite, not enough to be a nuisance but just enough to remind you that you are not actually in the bush.

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